Is 360-Degree Video The Next Big Thing?

2018 has seen a rise in brands turning to 360-degree videos for bold and cutting-edge advertising campaigns.

Brands across a range of industries have been using 360-degree videos to advertise themselves, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Recently BMW released an interactive 360-degree film to advertise the new BMW M2 Coupe. The film titled “Eyes on Gigi” shows model Gigi Hadid climbing into one of five blue M2 Coupes, which then take off down a runway. The ad asks the viewer to keep their eyes on Gigi’s car, as the five Coupes weave in and out of each other’s lanes.

Airline Cathay Pacific ran one of its highest performing marketing campaigns last July. The defining feature of this campaign was its 360-degree video ad which allowed users to immerse themselves in the airline’s cabins. 360-degree video enabled the airline to overcome the limitations of regular 2D videos, which do not fully capture the experience.

Qantas has also utilised 360-degree video to promote their airline and the beautiful destinations they fly to.

With the rise in technological innovation, it is important for businesses to remain competitive, and offer new and creative ways to engage with audiences. 360-degree videos push the boundaries of audience engagement, by providing viewers with impactful storytelling that facilitates a connection with your brand.

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