Is There A Difference Between Content Marketing And Blogging?

Is there a difference between Content Marketing and Blogging? The answer is yes, absolutely! One of the biggest misunderstandings that we come across in our industry, is that content marketing and blogging are the same, but in fact, there are several differences that make them unique, here we take a look at what they are and the benefits of both.

Blogging vs. Content Marketing

Blogging is updating your website regularly with content specific to your site, it keeps your website fresh and attracts your readers to spend more time exploring your website. Blog posts are always displayed in chronological order so your readers will always see your latest blog posts first. The main goal of blogging is to engage with your audience, whether you’re reviewing a product, a service or promoting a product, your aiming to provide valuable knowledge to your readers and keep the communication channels with your reader open. It’s a great tool to use in your overall content marketing strategy.

Content writing is all about providing useful content to your reader it can be just as fun as blogging but whilst blogging retains a more artistic and personal element, Content writers are bound to whatever their client wants them to write about, usually specific to a company’s business and the solutions and services they offer.

Both types of writing are equally important and serve different roles when attracting customers/readers. Here we look at the key benefits of both Content Marketing and blogging.

The Benefits of Blogging

From a branding point of view blogging works well in many different ways! Firstly, it allows brands to connect with their customers and readers on a personal level through regular, engaging content. For numerous years now companies and brands have been employing blog writers to create editorial style content for their website blogs, similar to that in what you would see in a magazine. It’s a great tool for companies to use when launching new products, showing the full range of products and services they offer and also showing a more personal take on what their business does and has to offer.

Blogging regularly also helps a lot with SEO. Google loves fresh content and writing relevant information on topics specific to your brand and services adds up to your sites ranking on google. Which means more people will find you and that usually equates to more money in your pocket in the long run.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is usually more technical and in-depth than blogging. It aims to create a demand or call to action through the help of useful information and integrated links. This could be in the form of an E-Book relevant to your industry, incorporating infographics into your content strategy or by creating content that’s likely to get a buzz on social media, such as quizzes and videos.

The great thing about content marketing as a strategy, is it’s FREE! It only costs you your time but in return offers you many benefits. The more content on your site, means your customers will have more reason to stay and have a good look around which leads to much lower bounce rates. It also offers readers and customers an opportunity to get to know your brand and gain more trust in your company. Overtime regular Content Marketing will increase your traffic, which usually always results in higher conversion rates and who doesn’t want that!

How Yodle can help…

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