Our Guide to Generation Z Marketing

Who is Generation Z? Generation Z are Post-Millennials, which typically refers to anyone born after the mid to late 1990s. They have now been recognised as the next consumer powerhouse and are expected to account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. This is why they are such a great market for your business to be targeting. Generation Z is very different in their buying approach but one of the key ways to capture their attention and grab them as a customer is without a doubt through social media.

Social Media Presence

Gen Z makes up the largest statistics of users on Social Media. They are constantly checking their phones for Social Media updates, up To 100 times a day! And they use different Social Media platforms to engage in different ways. On Instagram, they showcase their best life, posting holiday snaps, amazing meals, outfit posts and of course selfies. On Snapchat, they share real-life moments and they use Twitter and Facebook to get all the latest news. Because Instagram now has so many amazing shopping features for business’s to use, Gen Z and other consumers are now making a lot of their purchases straight from the app. It’s as simple as liking a photo from their favourite store or business and clicking on the image to shop. They then get redirected straight to a shopping page and will process a sale right there and then in a matter of several minutes. What business wouldn’t want to take advantage of this amazing new channel to sell to their consumers?

How To Engage with Gen-Z

Gen-Zers are clearly engaged with social media. So now It’s time for marketers to learn how to capture them. Firstly Social media managers and marketers must recognise which platforms are used for what and when it comes to communicating with these consumers, it’s all about tailoring each campaign/post to each social media platform. When selling to Generation Z you need to communicate your message clearly and quickly, or you run the risk of losing them and the sale. Remember Generation Z has a very short attention span, so they tend to make quick decisions and move on quickly.

Get amongst their love for influencers

The opportunity for influencer marketing is huge! According to many studies, Gen Z are much more likely to be influenced than any other generation. Gen-Zers look to their favourite Influencers for the latest on what to wear, where to eat and where to shop! Over 40% of Generation Z say they’re easily swayed by the opinions of others and they are swayed considerably by following celebrities on social media. When asked about where they tend to hear about new brands and products, it’s always through celebrities of influencers they follow. While influencers may not be right for every brand, brands that work with influencers certainly appeal to Gen Z are by using influencers in your campaigns you are highly likely to see your social media engagement increase.

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Your Business needs to have a Mobile online presence if it’s to succeed and keep up with the evolving needs of Generation Z. Recent studies show 38 percent of Generation Z use mobile apps for banking – compared to 19 percent among other generations. Gen-Zers also mostly check their Emails from their mobile phones which means any email correspondence you send with links to your website are most likely to be viewed on their mobile phones, therefore making it vital your website is mobile friendly. There’s not much room for error, simply put If your site isn’t mobile compatible, you’re missing out on a huge audience. key ways to make Website more mobile friendly include, making sure your website is responsive, fits the relevant screen dimensions and is optimized for mobile data speeds.

How Yodle Can Help Up Your Social Media Presence

So now you can see what makes Generation Z tick and why Social Media is such a huge piece of the puzzle when targeting them. If you need help with your social media presence and engagement there are many different services we offer at Yodle that can help! Call us today on 0800 001 285 to chat to one of our friendly team and find out how!