SEO Checklist – Our Guide To Getting Your Website Seen On Google!

You’ve designed and launched an amazing website, now comes the hardest part of the process; getting visitors to your site! Here we have devised a simple checklist to help you understand how to optimise your website and get it ranking high on Google.

Importance Of SEO

The main purpose of search engine optimisation is to get your website ranking at the top of Google’s search engine results. This is not a one-time pay and get to the top kind of job, this is a long, thought out process which requires regular monitoring and lots of testing and fine-tuning. But by implementing a few of the techniques outlined below, you will be well on your way to getting to the top. Remember, it’s always a good idea to keep SEO in mind from day one as this will make your SEO Campaigns in the future so much easier and more effective.

1.IsYour Website And Content Accessible To All Devices And Browsers?

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, these are a few of the most popular browsers your customers are using and you need to ensure your website is visible on each of these. Nowadays it’s also very important to make sure your website is compatible with Mobile devices. Not only do over 85% of the internet use their mobile phones to access websites but now Google algorithms favour more mobile-friendly sites too. There are many well-designed apps you can use to check your mobile friendliness, an easy one to use is the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Keep in mind, it’s always a good idea to develop a mobile-friendly website from the start. Otherwise, you will most likely need to go back to your developers at some stage and develop a mobile-friendly version anyway.

2. Do Your Web Pages Load Quick Enough?

One of the factors that Google takes into account when ranking your website, is your bounce rate. If your Website takes forever to load your bounce rate is going to be very high which will make it very difficult to get ranked. Google Page Insights is a great tool to use to check the speed in which your website loads, you want to aim for a score of at least 85/100 or above. You can also speed up your website with a few plugins that are available if you are using WordPress. These following plugins are free and will all help with the loading time of your website. Try W3 Total Cache, Better Delete Revision or our favourite WP Smush.

3. Have You Got Some Important Features And Services Setup To Help With Your SEO?

If you are using WordPress then we highly recommend Yoast and Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an essential plugin, one you should be using anyway as this helps you view and compare your website traffic, monitor your conversion rates as well as giving you valuable information about your visitors. The Yoast Plugin is also very helpful for your SEO marketing campaigns. It’s a must for optimising your pages and has a great, easy to use checklist you can follow.

4. Have You Installed An SSL Certificate?

Having an SSL certificate is also an important step to help your website optimisation and user-friendliness. It comes with a small fee but we feel a small price to pay for your visitor’s peace of mind and trust and also building trust with search engines will always ensure you are ranked higher on Google.

5. Make Sure To Set Up Your Social Media Accounts

Having your company on social media apps is a very smart and cost-effective way to get your website seen. Not only does it bring more traffic to your website, but it builds up more trust and rapport with your visitors. Whether or not having social media apps linked to your website actually boots your rankings on google or not is still up for debate but at this day and age its always going to be more rewarding in the long run to have these accounts setup. The main accounts you should focus on are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Which platforms you use will highly depend on the industry you are in and the audience you are targeting.

6. Are You Optimising Your Content?

Every time you create a new page with text on your website you should think about google optimisation. Google will always rank pages higher that are reader friendly, that flow well and where the text is relevant to the headers. Always make sure you write in a natural, conversational tone that can be easily understood. Ensure your body text relates well and does the title of your page justice.

7. Put More Focus On Keywords

We have left this one until last as this really is the key to fast-tracking your website rankings on Google. Launching a SEO Keyword Campaign is vital to getting to the top and we are one of the best SEO companies Auckland to do this!

Best SEO companies Auckland

Here at Yodle we look after many business’s SEO and Keyword campaigns, and we can help you develop and strategise a keyword campaign to get your website ranking high on Google. Call us today and chat to one of our friendly team and find out how we can help.