How To Promote Your Blog Content Using Social Media

Having a blog on your website is a great tool to use to market your business. And promoting your latest blog post through your social media platforms is a great way to get the word out! Here we look at a few key ways you can do this.

Social Sharing

Promoting your blog post through your social networks is a very easy and effective way to get your readers and followers onto your website. But you still need to be smart about how you approach this. Social media is about engaging with your audience in a sociable and conversational way, you don’t want to make it look boring and like spam.

Use it as an opportunity to introduce your latest blog post and let them know why they should be reading it. Keep it relatively short, chatty and personable. It only takes a few extra minutes to write up something and you will find your engagement and referral traffic will both increase!

The great part of social media too is that you can monitor the direct traffic for your social media to your website using the built-in analytics feature on Instagram (if you’re using the business account) or you can download extra apps that will give you insights as well.

Paid Social Content

Another great marketing strategy to consider is, promoting your blog posts by implementing some paid social media posts. Every platform including Facebook and Instagram now offers great rates to promote your posts and get your posts seen by a much wider audience than you could reach on your own. Facebook and Instagram are very smart at targeting the right audiences suited to your products and business. Be careful though as it’s so easy to run up costs, make sure to use the right social media platform for the audience you are targeting and that you are using the best possible image and content to promote.

How Yodle can help

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can use social media to help promote your blog and business, talk to our Yodle Social Media specialist today.