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Social Media is a platform where people share news, make new friends become socials and the most important everyone gives his/her opinion freely. Social media has taken the form of a variety of tech-enabled activities, this activity includes everything, sharing pictures, video, views, and Ideas. For individual’s social media is used for keeping in touch with their friends and extend their family by making new friends. The Social Media world is very fast and strong, changes daily and updates are rolled out to our favorite platform, the users of social media are growing and declining, a vital trend emerges and new strategies, tactics are always applied. The first game on top in social media is about news publication and blog/article platform which covers everything to do with social media. One of the best parts of social media is now also Ease of doing business. You don’t have money to open proper shop don’t worry you can open it freely on social with thousands of customers visiting your shop and giving you order. For business, social media is an indispensable tool. The company uses this platform to engage with consumers, boost their sales by advertising and promotion gauge consumer trends and offering customer services or support. It enables the melding of social interaction on e-commerce site.


While Social media has its own positive and a good reputed side but many points have been raised to this platform and called out negative features just like its overuse just like an addiction. Kids these days are so much addicted to YouTube that they don’t even eat their meals if YouTube is not available for them. It an alarm of danger, health issues can occur if anyone either he is a kid, teenager or adult is addicted to social media. A big report says that the big cause of depression is social media. One of the also worst parts it spreads false news. Some people spread false news on social media for their own mission. They want some type of hype so can may cause anyone damage.

Many companies give social media services for example if you need likes on your page or followers on your account or you want your videos/posts to be gone viral and you want to be famous. You can find these companies on search engines or in your towns too like Social Media services Northshore, Social Media provider Auckland, Social Media provider Timaru or Social Media provider Christchurch.

The search engines also give very much preferences to social media. The social media often feeds into the discovery of new content discoveries. Social media also builds some links that turn to be in support of SEO. Many people perform searches for just knowing the content of Social Media.

The biggest site of social media is Facebook which comes with 2.27 Billion users. Then YouTube comes with 1.9 billion users. Then comes one of the unique ever social media application WhatsApp 1.5 billion users. WeChat 1.08 billion users around the world most in China.