What is SEO and How to Get started 

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique in which you optimize your site to get organic and unpaid traffic from search engine results rankings. SEO is the key part of your site; small knowledge of SEO can lead your website to a good path. Search engines provide the best possible services to their users. Means giving results on the engine pages which are not impressive but also relevant to the searcher. According to a particular sequence search engine examine different sites to have better understand what the site is about. This helps them to give the best results to their users who are looking for a particular topic or keyword. SEO is the process in which you try to make your site come in rankings of engines for relevant keywords. For example, if you have an article about (how to make a company or how to make a company in NEW ZEALAND) and you optimize your site in an excellent way and someone searches how to make the company? Or requirements to open a company in NEW ZEALAND Christchurch, NORTHSHORE, AUCKLAND, TIMARU, etc. So, the search engine makes your site in first page rankings because of your relevant keywords like NEW ZEALAND Christchurch, NORTHSHORE, AUCKLAND, TIMARU, etc. You use some words frequently in your article, for example, SEO company Auckland, SEO company Christchurch, SEO company Timaru, SEO company Northshore. It will help the search engine to scan your words and deliver fast result to its user.


The content of your site is the most important thing in SEO. The more your content is an effective part which attracts the search engine which results in making a connection with the site visitors. Your content must have some quality and relevancy, So the user should spend more time on your site by clicking more links for knowledge and if your content is greatly helpful it can also be shared on social media by the user free advertising and marketing of the site. Usually, search engines prefer longer blogs or articles and for a reason. Try to make at least 600 words if possible then make 1000 words. Big research shows that search engine tends to favor 2000 words. Monitoring your content by google analytics. As stated in data collected by folks at SEMrush, time on site, bounce rate and pages per session are all as important than keyword density. *BIG MISTAKES* some people do a great SEO and make their site full of content which helps them to appear in ranking but they use pop up ads. It’s a bad impression on the user/visitor for him it’s not important the content more than easiness because he can also get the content from other sites. 2nd mistake people made they use so much plugins or programming on single a page of a site that it makes loading so much slow that the user/visitor doesn’t wait. Always make the site light especially for blogging, so it can be load in Sec.

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