Why Landing Pages Are Important For Your Business

[fluid][html typography=”Text {line-height: 23.8px;font-size: 14px;}”]You have a website already so why do you need a landing page? What even is a landing page? Here we take a more in-depth look into the basics and why it could be a great idea for your business to start using one!

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page can be any destination on your website where your viewers “Land” when they first reach it. Traditionally the most common page on websites used for this is the home page. But, if you really want to maximise sales and build up a solid customer database you will really benefit from creating a single web page called a landing page. This will exist purely to get your users to take action. Let’s think of a traditional homepage more like an overall branding page that shows off your brand and its message. Whereas a landing page is a page used to harness the traffic you bring through other ads and campaigns and help you convert that traffic into leads. It really is an indispensable part of inbound marketing.

But How Do They Work?

A good landing page works by capturing your visitor’s information through a lead capture form. You can build landing pages that have forms to sign up to your customer database, sign up to receive notifications to your latest blog posts, or pages that allow your users to download your content offers, such as an E-book or Webinar. Another idea is to use landing pages to offer your customers free trials or demos to your services.

Another great way to utilise a landing page is to send your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn users straight to it. You could link your Facebook ad campaigns to your landing page which could then prompt users to sign up to your database. Or just simply add a link into your Instagram or LinkedIn profile sending users straight to your landing page, which will have a specific call to action for the customer to take.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Landing Page For Your Business

Firstly, start by doing some research, in order to guarantee success from your landing page you first need to figure out a few things. To start who is your target audience? Advertising to the wrong people will break your chances of getting the highest rate of conversion. You need to be aiming the design of these landing pages towards people who already have an interest in your business. Remember these users have all been directed to your page because they have received an email about your business, seen a Facebook ad campaign of yours, or clicked on one of your social media accounts linking them to your landing page.

Secondly, you need to research your competitors, it’s important to gain understanding to what your competitors are doing with their landing pages. When looking through them try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and critique what you like and dislike about their landing pages.

Thirdly, what will be your call to action? Will it be a click through page featuring a link/button your users will click to go through to a buying page? Or will it be designed more for lead generation, by using a form to sign up your customers to your newsletter, E-Book or a series of Webinars?

Designing Your Landing Page

Next comes the design aspect, all of the components needed to design your landing page. Firstly, look at your branding style, you should already have a clear understanding of the feel of your existing website and the colour scheme and types of images you would use, it’s always a great idea to adopt these same features to keep your branding consistent. Next, make sure to pick a strong visual image for your landing page targeted to whatever you are selling or promoting and using great typography will also always help to captivate your viewer. Adding a video can also be another great tool for increasing conversion rates as it really works in keeping your viewers interested, especially if the video is educational and well- explained.

As far as structuring your landing page here is a quick guideline you can follow.
• Headline
• Subheader
• Visual Element – Image, Video
• A lead generated form
• Call to action

Ready To Build Your Landing Page?

Hopefully, we have helped improve your understanding of what a landing page really is and how it can benefit your business. If you are interested in learning more about landing pages and how we can help you to design a landing page, just give one of our friendly team a call on 0800 001 285 and you could be well on your way to utilising landing pages and generating more leads for your business.[/html][/fluid]